How to rerun a report in Cognos

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This article will provide instructions on rerunning a report in Cognos Analytics 11, including scheduled reports.


  1. Login to Cognos and click on the Personal menu. Select My schedules and subscriptions.My schedules and subscriptions menu option
  2. To see your past report runs, select the drop down that says Current and change it to Past.Drop-down menu stating Current, switch to Past
  3. To modify how far back the list of report runs is showing, click the funnel icon in the upper right and change the drop down from Last 4 hours to an appropriate time frame. You can also specify a date range below the drop down.
    The visualization option with its filter funnel icon highlighted
    Filter option Last 4 hours is chosen and selected
  4. Click the More menu to the right of the desired report to rerun, then select Run details.The More menu option selected with the Run once option highlighted
  5. This will rerun the report, including sending any emails or other options setup with that report run.
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