Managing Add-ins in Outlook


Learn how to manage add-ins in Outlook. Add-ins are used to tie services together in Outlook—for example, the Zoom add-in for Outlook. These add-ins can be installed by Outlook users or by IT staff that manage Office 365 for the university. This article will explain how to find the Add-in Manager and how to enable or disable any add-ins.

The Add-in Manager

The Add-in Manager for Outlook users to find new add-ins approved for use by Office 365 administrators on campus. Additionally, it can be used to remove certain add-ins that have been activated by UO system administrators.

In the Outlook desktop application

In the Outlook desktop application for Windows and macOS, the Add-in Manager is available by selecting the Home tab, then clicking on Get Add-ins.

The Outlook ribbon menu's Home tab with Get Add-ins highlighted

In Outlook on the web

Using Outlook on the web, you may have to activate the button to see the Add-in Manager. In order to do so, sign-in with your UO email address if necessary, select the gear icon in the upper-right (the Settings menu), then select the View all Outlook settings link.

From there, you will choose Mail, then Customize actions. Scroll down to the options for the Message surface and ensure that Get Add-ins is checked. Click Save to save any changes made

The Message surface options screen

You can also enable the Add-in Manager icon so that it appears in the message's Toolbar by going to the Customize actions settings and scrolling down to Toolbar. Check the box next to Get Add-ins and select Save to save any changes.

The Toolbar settings screen

Enabling and disabling add-ins

Once the Add-in Manager is open, you can enable any of the add-ins that are available in the All view or you can disable any of the add-ins being used by Outlook in the My Add-ins view. Any changes made here will affect your account regardless of which method you use for Outlook.

Note: There may be certain admin-managed add-ins that cannot be disabled.

To view all of the add-ins available to you, open the Add-in Manager, and select the All view. You can search for a particular add-in in the search field on the upper-right or you can scroll through the list of available add-ins. Please note that some of these add-ins will require licensing or subscriptions to the software services listed.

Add-Ins for Outlook manager with the search field highlighted

If you want to manage the add-ins enabled on your Outlook account, select the My add-ins option. You can select the three-dots menu in each one to see any additional options like Remove.

The My add-ins view.

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