Getting Started with MS SQL Backups


This article will cover the prerequisites and client configuration details for MS SQL Server data protection.

The information in this article applies to standalone, failover, and AlwaysOn Availability Group (AAG) instances of MS SQL. For clustered MS SQL instances please install the agent on ALL NODES in the cluster.

Client configuration with the prerequisite values

  1. Allow Cohesity network access to your client.
    1. Fill out a ticket here for NTS to allow traffic through the network firewall.
      1. Source IP:
      2. Destination: IP address(es) of MS SQL Server(s)
      3. Ports: 445, 1433, 50051
  2. Configure Client
    1. Download agent.
      1. Login to Cohesity using your Duck ID.
        1. Select as the Domain.
      2. Go to Data Protection > Sources.
        1. Click download agent.
        2. Select Windows.
      3. If you get a permissions error, submit a ticket here. 
    2. Install the agent.
      1. Run the EXE file.
      2. Accept the defaults.
      3. Reboot the server when possible.
    3. Add inbound Firewall rule for Cohesity connection.
      1. Open Windows Firewall with Advanced Security on your SQL server
      2. Right-click Inbound Rules > New Rule
        1. New Rule Parameters:
          1. Rule Type:
            1. Custom
          2. Program:
            1. All Programs
          3. Protocol and Ports
            1. Protocol Type: TCP
            2. Local Ports: 445, 1433, 50051
            3. Remote Port: All Ports
          4. Scope:
            1. Which local IP addresses: Any IP address
            2. Which remote IP addresses:
          5. Action:
            1. Allow the connection.
          6. Profile:
            1. All three options checked.
          7. Name:
            1. Give it a descriptive name and description.
    4. Give the agent access to the MS SQL instance.
      1. Launch SQL Server Management Studio
      2. Create new login with sysadmin role
        1. Expand Security
        2. Right-click on Logins
        3. Select New Login
        4. New Login Parameters:
          1. General
            1. Login name: NT AUTHORITY\SYSTEM
          2. Server Roles:
            1. sysadmin
            2. public

Process Completion

Submit a ticket on the Data Protection Support service page for backup configuration and completion of the process.


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