Dropbox Services for Faculty/Staff/GEs


This article is intended to provide an overview of the Dropbox Services available to faculty, staff, and graduate employees (GEs) at the University of Oregon.

Accessing Dropbox

Go to the Dropbox website and enter your university email address. Upon entering your email, you will be redirected to through the university's Shibboleth Single Sign-On service and Duo for two-step login.

Dropbox Groups and Teams

A Dropbox Group allows the Dropbox user to share their data with a group rather than with individuals. This can be useful, as the group owner can delegate management of the group membership to other individuals. A Dropbox Group is suited to smaller working units, sharing data with the group, whose membership changes regularly.

Faculty, staff, and graduate employees may request these additional UO Dropbox services through the Dropbox Support service page:

Dropbox Group, user managed
  • Suited to smaller working units, sharing data with members of a group whose membership changes regularly
  • Requires a user or their delegate who manages the Group's membership. Data sharing is done from one's own UO Dropbox account 
Dropbox Team, user managed
  • Useful for smaller working units, with unit or departmental data requiring storage separate from a specific faculty or staff member's UO Dropbox account
  • Data storage separate from other UO Dropbox accounts. Requires a team member staff or delegate who manage the Team's membership.  
Dropbox Team, university managed
  • Useful for larger working units, or units with departmental or institutional data requiring a higher level of management and security.  
  • Data storage separate from other UO Dropbox accounts, useful for business continuity. Team membership is managed by UO IT staff.

Where to go for support

If you have any additional questions about Dropbox Groups, please create a request ticket on the Dropbox Support service page.

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