Using Live Captions in Microsoft Teams Meetings


Learn how to enable live captioning (real-time subtitles) for your meetings in Microsoft Teams. Please note that this feature is only available in English from Microsoft at this time.


Live Captions vs Closed Caption

Live Captions are real-time subtitles generated during your meeting. This allows anyone with a different proficiency level of the language, trouble with their hearing, or even just someone in a loud area to have another way to follow along while the meeting is happening. Closed captioning within Microsoft Teams, in this case, is used to describe the subtitles generated after the recorded meeting is complete and this transcript can be edited to adjust accuracy; live captions cannot be edited. 

Turning On Live Captions

To utilize live captions, you must be in your meeting.

  1. Go to your meeting controls bar, located at the bottom of your screen. 
  2. Select the More Options button (represented by "...")
  3. Select "Turn on live captions (preview)"
    • If turning off live captions instead, this option will say "Turn off live captions (preview)"

These instructions are the same for mobile and desktop users. 


I'm on a call and don't see this feature, what's going on?

The Live Captions feature is only available for Teams Meetings at this time and is not an option to turn on during a standard Teams Call. 

Do I need to turn on this feature to have closed captioning on for my meeting recording? 

No, there is no need to turn on this feature to get closed captioning for your meeting recording. Teams will generate a transcript for closed captions for your recorded meeting, whether this feature was enabled or not during the meeting itself. 

I have it on, but it's getting words wrong. How do I fix this?

There are a few options to try to improve the accuracy of the live captions:

  • Speak clearly and slowly. 
  • Try to speak directly into the microphone. Avoid being too far away from your microphone as can affect accuracy. 
  • Reduce your background noise as much as possible. 
  • Try to only have one person in the meeting speak at once. 
  • If using a built-in microphone for a laptop: consider looking at a separate microphone attachment for improved quality.


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