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How to connect to the eduroam on your Windows computer.
If your login information is correct, your Windows device is updated, and if you've tried most basic known troubleshooting methods to attempt to connect to UO Secure but it still won't connect, then this article will teach you how to fix the issue in most cases.
This article explains how to create a Skype meeting using the Outlook desktop application on Windows 10.
I have been asked to find the MAC address of my Windows 10 computer for wireless configuration. Where do I look to find it, and what's a MAC address, anyway?
This page explains how to set up your Windows device to use the UO Secure wireless network.
This article explains how to download, install and set up Microsoft Teams in Windows 10.
Meltdown and Spectre are two recently-disclosed vulnerabilities present in many modern CPUs. These vulnerabilities may allow an untrusted webpage or client process to completely compromise the computer. Complete compromise could allow password theft, document theft, document deletion, malware installation, and other malfeasance.