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Instructions for configuring a YubiKey (uncommon) to work with Duo
Instructions for setting up an HOTP token (uncommon) for two-step login.
Temporary bypass codes allow you to two-step login without your registered device(s)
Tips for optimizing your experience with Duo two-step login.
The Duo Mobile application on your cellphone can be used to generate a list of two-step login passcodes.
A brief description of how to register new and manage existing devices with Duo.
Instructions for two-step login with Cisco AnyConnect VPN
Instructions for two-step login with NetApp OnCommand Unified Manager
A guide to all the ways to complete a two-step login
This article explains how to use Duo as a second-factor when authenticating into Shibboleth services.
RHEL6 has limitations impacting the two-step login process