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SMART Boards combine the features of a white board with a computer. You can annotate your presentations on the fly with digital ink and save those notes for later or use the digital ink to increase class interaction. Those are only a few of the possible uses of SMART Boards.
This page explains how to transfer files to and from your account using Fetch for Mac OS X.

These directions are written for Fetch version 5.
Install Cisco AnyConnect by going to the AnyConnect website and logging in with your Duck ID and password.
Provides information on how to use Microsoft's Software Center to install applications, updates and Operating System Upgrades.
Frequently asked questions regarding the Red Hat Network.
Provides information about using Jamf Self Service to allow users to install applications, software updates, and upgrade macOS.
Info on UO Digital Signage.
A list of software available for Shell.
The university offers a number of site-licensed software for faculty, staff, and students. This page offers a general list of software that's offered, where to download it, and where to ask for help if needed.