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Instructions on how to install the AppWorx client on both Mac and PC.
Install Cisco AnyConnect by going to the AnyConnect website and logging in with your Duck ID and password.
Instructions for how to revert to an older version of Java.
This article explains how to download, install and set up Skype for Business on Linux.  Please note that Skype for Business is limited to text based chat only in Linux and requires the use of third party software to function.  There is currently no official Skype for Business app for Linux.
This page explains how to uninstall your current version of Java and then install an older version.

Users of Banner, AppWorx job scheduling, and the Document Imaging indexing module (Singularity) may need to revert to an older version of Java if they've installed a new version that's incompatible with those services.

These instructions focus on Java 8.