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Do I get to keep my email account after I leave or graduate from the university?
How to create a Qualtrics account with the University.
Information about how long resources are granted for various University Affiliations.
Guest policy for UO blogs.
This article contains information on Preventing an account compromise as well as how to regain access once an account is compromised.
Steps for adding alternate password recovery methods for your Duck ID account.
You have two usernames at the UO: your UO ID (95#) and your Duck ID (beginning of your UO email address).
Step-by-step instructions on how to add additional mailboxes to your Outlook email account.
Definitions of affiliation types.
How to claim your DuckID for new employees.
How to claim your DuckID for new students.
Individuals not formally affiliated with the UO can be provided with access to UO resources in certain circumstances. This article describes in detail our Sponsored Account Policy.
Information about credentialing agents.