VM Recovery


This article will cover the steps required to recover a VM to a previous point in time using the Cohesity data protection service.

Note: Please be sure to consider the risks before you restore a VM from a backup. Make sure you are not creating any IP, AD, DNS conflicts by turning on a clone of a VM that is still running on the network.


  1. Login to Cohesity
    1. Select ad.uoregon.edu from the Domain drop-down menu.
    2. Use your Duck ID credentials to login.
  2. Select VM(s) for recovery
    1. Go to the Recoveries page under Data Protection on the left-hand side of the UI.
    2. Click the + symbol on the top right of the Recoveries screen and select VMs
    3. Search for your VM by it's name. 
    4. Click on the VM name in the search results then click Next: Recover Options.
      1. If your VM is not listed in the results put in a ticket for assistance with Data Protection Support
  3. Recover VM Options (Recommended selections for common VM recovery)
    1. Recover to: Original Location
    2. Recovery type: Instant Recovery
    3. Network: Attached & Start Connected
    4. Rename: Add date to suffix and remove the default prefix (copy-).
       Example suffix: -01132021
    5. Power State: Off
    6. Continue on Error: No
    7. Cluster Interface: Auto Select
    8. Task Name: Leave this default or give it a descriptive name if you wish.
  4. Start Recovery
    1. You can monitor progress in the Recoveries window.
    2. Your VM will show up in vCenter before it is ready for use. Wait for recovery job to complete in Cohesity for best results and performance.

Additional Support

If you have any issues, please submit a ticket in Data Protection Service Request.


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