How do I find my devices MAC address? (Windows 10)


I have been asked to find the MAC address of my Windows 10 computer for wireless configuration. Where do I look to find it and what's a MAC address anyway?


The Media Access Control address (MAC address; no relation to Apple or Macintosh computers) is a unique identifier for computing devices on a network. A MAC address is somewhat like a serial number.

Every device that has an Internet connection must have a unique MAC Address. Modern computers will have two MAC Addresses: one wireless local area network (Wireless LAN) adapter and one Ethernet adapter.

MAC address is synonymous with Ethernet Hardware Address, Hardware Address, Physical Address, and Burned-in Address.

Here is the step-by-step for finding your MAC address on Windows 10:

1. Use the Windows button or key in the bottom left corner of the screen or keyboard and type in "View Network Connections".

In the search function in the bottom left hand of the screen, type "View network connections" and choose the top result that also has "Control Panel" underneath it.

2. Double click on the particular network adapter type you need to know the MAC address for. In this case, we will choose Wi-Fi.

In the list of connected or unconnected networks, select the one you are currently connected to (can be wired or wireless) and double click on it.

3. Click on "Details" in the Wi-Fi Status window.

It will open a small window, select details near the bottom left of the small new window.

4. The "Physical Address" is the MAC address that we have been looking for.

Your mac address or "physical address" will be listed in the new menu that opens from the details button. You have found your mac-address!





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