Four Winds Displays Not Syncing Changes


Four Winds screens not syncing after content changes have been deployed through the Four Winds Content Manager


Four Winds displays which have had content changes deployed


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Hi there, the Four Winds screens in Allen Hall do not seem to be syncing with the Four Winds content manager, since at least last Friday. I have deleted and added content in the Content Manager a few times since Friday, and while everything looks correct in the back end and the Save and Deploy function seems to be working fine, the actual screens are not displaying the content that shows up in the back end. Can someone help please? Thanks!


  1. In the Four Winds Content Manager, navigate to the content player object which is not updating its content.
  2. Right-click on the object, and select Send Command.
  3. Select New Command.
  4. In the Command drop-down menu, select Restart Player, and change the Time to Live field to 00:00:00 to push the command immediately, then click OK.
  5. Give the player a couple of minutes to restart, then check the display for the updated content.


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Thu 2/29/24 4:15 PM
Thu 2/29/24 5:00 PM