Personal Computer Purchasing Recommendations


The University of Oregon does not sponsor or endorse any product or vendor listed on this page for personal computer purchasing. We provide this information as a courtesy to assist our faculty, staff, and students in identifying appropriate solutions and discount programs that may be available. Information on this page applies only to personal purchases that will be made with non-university funds.

About university equipment

Ownership of all university equipment is vested in the university, and not in any specific unit or department or grant recipient, regardless of whether the equipment was purchased with university funds, grants funds, UO Foundation funds, transferred from outside institutions, or gifted.

  • University equipment is intended only for university-related business and activities.
  • Any purchase using university funds as described above should be purchased via appropriate university purchasing policies.

Please see our article Faculty and staff technology purchasing for assistance with purchasing university-owned technology.

Department, School, or College Recommendations

Your department, school, or college may have specific recommendations. Please contact your department for inquiries related to any specific requirements if they are not listed below.

General Recommendations

When considering a personal computer purchase your needs may vary. We recommend checking the minimum system requirements provided by the vendors of the software you will be using most frequently and purchase accordingly. For general use, we can recommend the following specifications.

Minimum and Recommended Specifications
Component Minimum Specifications Recommended Specifications
Processor Intel i5, 8th generation or later
AMD Ryzen 5, 2000 series
Apple M1
Intel i5 or i7, 11th generation or later
AMD Ryzen 5 or 7, 4000 series or later
Apple M1 or M2
RAM 8 GB 16 GB
Storage 256 GB SSD 512 GB SSD or more 
Communications 802.11ac Wi-Fi
802.11ax Wi-Fi
Operating System Currently supported version of Windows or macOS Latest version of Windows or macOS

Financial Aid for Student Technology Purchases

Please see the office of Financial Aid and Scholarships article on Computer Purchase Requests.


Educational Pricing or Discounts

These vendors offer educational pricing or UO-specific discounts. The University of Oregon does not sponsor or endorse any product or vendor listed on this page for personal computer purchasing. 

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