directEDGAR is a cloud-based service using Amazon AppStream platform. This cloud-based service includes tools to help users search, extract, and normalize content from SEC EDGAR filings. Anyone with a university email address can access this service and will need to setup an account with the service provider to proceed. For more information about the service, please consult the directEDGAR website.

Setup overview

The process to gaining access to directEDGAR is as follows:

  1. Get license token from Attachments panel on the right labeled UOREGON.txt
  2. Register with directEDGAR using your university email address
  3. Update the Index Library

Step 1

  1. In the Attachments panel of this article, click on the file labeled UOREGON.txt to retrieve the validation token you will need to complete the setup process. Please take note of the save location of the validation token file.

Step 2

  1. Submit your name and email address to the directEDGAR registration server
    1. Enter your full UO email address, for example,
      Note: the email entry field is case sensitive
  2. Check for two emails from Amazon AppStream
  3. Use the link and temporary password in the first email to create your account
  4. You should be prompted to change the temporary password
  5. The next screen will present the various AppStream apps available to you. Select the EdgarEngine icon
  6. On initial launch, there will be a several-minute delay as the AppStream configures your session
    Note: You will receive an Opening Options error message regarding license file. Ignore this message for now
  7. Next, license your account with the license token from Step 1
    1. In EdgarEngine, go to the My Files tab. This will open folders you have access to in the service
    2. Open the Temporary Files folder
    3. Go to User Home Directory - Documents/EDGAR and locate file UOREGON.txt
    4. Drag the file UOREGON.txt to the browser window that displays the Temporary Files folder in the EdgarEngine
    5. Once the license file is in place, click the close icon for the Temporary Files folder (not the window close icon)
    6. Now, you should see the Opening Options error message
    7. Click on the OK button to address the licensing issue.
    8. You will then enter the Options dialogue box, and should automatically be in the option for license maintenance
    9. Browse to My Files/Temporary Files location
    10. Select the UOREGON.txt file and click OPEN
    11. Once you see the license in the text window, Click on the Test License button
      NOTE: You should then see a message that indicates Authenticated
    12. Click the OK button and the EdgarEngine application should start

Step 3

  1. The final step is to update the Index Library to make all SEC filings available to use
    1. Go to the File menu → Options
    2. Go to the Index Library tab
    3. Press the Generate Library button
    4. You will be prompted to replace the library file, click the YES button.
    5. Dialogue will appear that the Index Library has been generated. Click the OK button
      Note: Postings about new filings are posted to the directEDGAR blog site

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