Confluence: spaces and gaining access.



This article details information about Confluence. Confluence is an IT collaboration tool hosted by Information Services (IS). 


Getting Access to Confluence

Beginning April 4, 2016, Confluence will be available to:

  • Employees in IS
  • Campus employees in IT
  • Currently affiliated faculty, staff, and students who had an account at

If you meet the criteria above, you may request a Confluence account here.
Access for IS/IT Collaboration
Confluence is also available to the following for limited periods of time:

  • Currently affiliated employees who are collaborating with IS or IT on projects
    • Access must be requested by an IS or IT Director, and is limited to 6 months at a time
  • Campus partners with Sponsored Duck IDs who are collaborating with IS or IT on projects
    • Access must be requested by an IS or IT director, and is limited to the end of the Duck ID sponsorship (75 days max)

Directors may proceed to the Confluence Access Request Form (page requires login) to submit a request.


Confluence Spaces

To request a new Space, use the Confluence Space Request Form.
To gain access to an existing Space, contact the Space's Administrator. If you are unsure who that is, a colleague who already has access to the Space can find out by clicking on Space Tools > Overview at the bottom right of any page in that space.
Space Admins can manage Space Permissions in two ways:





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