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calendar.uoregon.edu - Localist help

For technical assistance with calendar.uoregon.edu

Domain Name Services

Domain Name Services allows users to request a custom domain name or request changes to an existing domain name.


OrgSync is an online community for campus organizations to share news and events and track organization information.

SOJC Web Content

Request content updates to update existing SOJC webpages (journalism.uoregon.edu). Use the UO Blogs resource below to set up new blogs or websites for departments, courses, events, portfolios, or individual projects.

UO Blogs

For UO Blogs support please visit the new Web Development & Hosting service catalog page located at https://service.uoregon.edu/TDClient/Requests/S...

Web Development & Hosting

The web development and hosting service can assist the UO community with creating and administering a dynamic, secure, and recognizable web presence.