Connecting to UO's Network


The UO offers both wireless and wired access to the internet. The wireless network you use will depend on your affiliation. UO students, staff, and faculty can use uowireless or UO Secure. Guests to campus can use UO Guest or, if they're from an eduroam-participating institution, they can use eduroam.



The university has several Wi-Fi networks available. Select the correct network based on your affiliation:

  • If you are a student, faculty or staff please use UO Secure. See Connecting to UO Secure Wireless Network
  • If you are an unaffiliated guest on campus, use UO Guest.
  • If you are a guest from Oregon State University or another eduroam-participating institution, you may use eduroam.


Wi-Fi Access

The UO provides Wi-Fi internet access across campus to anyone with a Duck ID. Guests can connect to the public guest network for wireless internet access. Visitors from participating universities can use eduroam for access.

Available Networks

  • UO Secure is the recommended Wi-Fi network at UO for all students, faculty, and staff. See Connecting to UO Secure Wireless Network.
  • eduroam can be used by guests visiting from Oregon State, Portland State, and other eduroam-participating institutions. To learn more about the eduroam network, see eduroam Wireless Network.
  • UO Guest is the network provided for all guests.

Virtual Private Network (VPN)

VPN is a set of software and hardware that enables your computer to transparently connect to a remote network as if you were physically attached to that network. Communication between your computer and the remote VPN hardware is secure (encrypted). VPN is useful for accessing resources (library's databases, electronic journals, etc.) that are normally restricted to campus use. See UO VPN Support.

Students in the Residence Halls

For information on how to connect to UOnet from the residence halls and other housing-related network details, see ResNet: Internet Setup.

Wireless Network Guest Access

Guests from Oregon State University and Portland State University, as well as other other eduroam-participating institutions, can access the eduroam network using their username and password provided by their home institution. See eduroam for more information.

Guests visiting from other locations can gain access to the UO Guest network by using the public guest network. For more information, see Wireless Network Guest Access. If your guest needs more than internet access, they may need a Sponsored Account.

Ethernet (wired) Access

Most common operating systems (Windows 8.1/10, macOS) do not require any configuration to use a wired connection. Simply plug one end of the Ethernet cable into your computer and the other into the Ethernet jack. You can verify your connection works by opening a web browser and loading a web page.

If you have no active Ethernet jack in your room or office, you can request jack activation.



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