Getting Started with SharePoint


Learn about SharePoint and its features as well as where to access it.



Learn about SharePoint and its features as well as where to access it.

How to access SharePoint

SharePoint is available by going to Office 365 and signing-in with your UO email address:

  1. Click on the SharePoint tile.
  2. Now you're ready to start collaborating by creating a new folder or uploading files.

SharePoint is also available for iOS and Android mobile devices.


Sharing Files

SharePoint allows for the sharing of files with all SharePoint users in the university and user- and team-selected collaborators outside of the university. This Microsoft article, Share SharePoint files or folders, explains in detail how to share files and folders on a SharePoint site.

Team and communication sites

  • Team sites are sites you can create to collaborate on content, share information, and integrate with apps within the Office 365 suite. 
  • Communication sites are a great place to share information with others outside of your team.
    • You can share news, reports, statuses, and other information in a visually compelling format.
    • Communication sites can't be connected to Microsoft Teams and they don't have an associated email address.

For more information, please consult the SharePoint: Comparison of Team Site and Communications Site article.

Document libraries

Some UO employees require a way to share files in which no single person owns the files. Rather, the files are stored in a document library that allows multiple people to administer shared files and folders as necessary. This can help ensure business continuity when an employee leaves the university.

  • A document library can be created by creating a group within Microsoft Teams or by creating a new site within SharePoint.
    • This will then create an SharePoint instance for the members of that group with no direct ownership to any particular user.
    • Team members can upload, create, and share new files with the team. 
  • Files can be reserved for single-user editing through a check-out, check-in system and any changes are tracked through file version histories

For more information, please consult the Create a team site in SharePoint online article.

Hub sites

Hub sites connect multiple team and communication sites and are set up by the Microsoft 365 Administration team at UO.

  • Can be beneficial for colleges, schools, or departments to tie multiple sites under a common site structure and appearance.
  • Allows for search across all associated sites for easier navigation.
  • Add content through web parts that aggregate news, articles, and events to the hub site

Learn more from the What is a SharePoint hub site? from Microsoft.

If you're interested in building a hub site, please submit a request ticket on the Microsoft 365 Support Request service page for consultation and configuration.


Access from a web browser

  • Team members can access any files stored in SharePoint either through SharePoint online through Office 365 or through Teams online and selecting the Files tab under the specific team (if connected to a team).

Access from Microsoft Teams app

  • Teams members can access any files stored in a team folder through the Microsoft Teams app.
  • Selecting the Files tab under the specific team will show available files and folders. Files and folders can be restricted to certain team members (e.g., team owners can see, team members cannot) through a specific Teams channel or through SharePoint online.

Guidelines for Use

Restrictions on Types of Data in SharePoint

SharePoint is suitable for storing FERPA and HIPAA data.

  • FERPA data is covered by the contract with Microsoft.
  • HIPAA data is explicitly covered by Microsoft's Business Associate Agreement, which includes provisions for storing all data within the United States.
Note: Do not store any PCI data (e.g., credit card, debit card data, or data that relates to credit card transactions) in SharePoint.



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