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An overview of user-managed and university-managed team folders with a comparison of their features and recommendations.



This article is designed to provide Dropbox users with an overview of Dropbox team folders. Team folders are available to UO faculty and staff only.  There are two team folder types: user-managed and university-managed (also known as company-managed). Each team folder has an associated membership group.

What are Dropbox Team folders?

A Dropbox team folder allows data storage separate from one's personal UO Dropbox account.  A team folder will appear in the Dropbox account of each member of the associated group. For example, if you have access to the UO-Origami-Club team folder, you are a member of the UO-Origami-Club group, and the UO-Origami-Club team folder will appear in your UO Dropbox account. 

User-managed team folders

With a user-managed team folder, the team folder owner manages the membership of the folder's associated Group. These folder types are managed by the Dropbox user, not IT staff. This folder type is useful for smaller groups, like study groups, research labs, or for basic file sharing with a select group of colleagues.  

For more information on this folder type and its interaction with user-managed groups, please consult the Dropbox Groups article in the Related Articles panel.

University-managed team folders

University-managed team folders are managed by the Dropbox service administrators, who create the team folder and manage the permission group Duck ID memberships. The benefits of this folder type are mainly for larger working groups. Departmental offices, committees, and administrative groups can centralize vital files and documents without having to worry about losing access to them, as they are centrally managed and accessible to the service administrators.

Comparison of folder types

Here is a comparison of some of the features between the two folder types:

Abilities University-managed team folders User-managed team folders
Group creation Only admins can create Only admins can create
Ask to join Team members cannot request to join Team members can request to join
Leave a group Team members cannot leave a group on their own Team members can choose to leave a group
Add/remove members Only IT staff can add or remove group members Both IT staff and group managers can add or remove group members
Transfer group ownership IT staff can change a university-managed group to a user-managed group and assign a new group manager IT staff can change a user-managed group to a university-managed group to take control of it
Use for official business Yes. Recommended for larger working groups like department offices, dean's offices, committees, among others. No. Recommended for smaller working groups like study groups and informal associations.

Where to go for support

If you have any additional questions about Dropbox Team Folders and which type would be best for your group, please create a request ticket on the Dropbox Support service page.



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