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Service Description

To assist the campus community engage effectively with technology there are variety of training options technology used on campus, including web based and in person classes.

Organizational Development and Training offers all UO employees online training through Skillport eLearning.
Skillport offers:
Free on-line courses available 24/7
Professional certification preparation programs in IT, business skills, and more
Comprehensive learning programs

Additionally, individual schools, colleges, institutes, and departments may have focused training available.

Available To

All UO Employees


This service has no additional requirements.

Accessing the Service

For the full online training catalog, please visit 
Please check the Knowledge Base category or the individual schools, colleges, institutes, and department web sites for specific information on those training offerings.


Quick start guide:
Links to tutorials and the FAQ can be found on the main Organizational Development and Training page at

Support Contact

Visit the Organizational Development and Training home page for direct contact information or to ask a question about other training availability, please click "Request Help" and provide as much detail to your question as possible, including the software you are requesting training for and the desired learning outcomes.

Service Levels

Service levels will vary depending on training schedules, training providers, and details of any specialized request.

Service Charges

Any costs associated with the training classes offered by this service will be listed in the class description.

Service Provider

This will vary depending on the the details of the request.


Excel training, Outlook training, email training, Microsoft training, Apple training, certification

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