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Service Description

Code42's CrashPlan is an unlimited, online data protection and backup service. It enables users to use their Duck ID account to manage their backup settings for up to five (5) devices.

CrashPlan determines which files on your computer need to be backed up, compresses those files, encrypts them, and delivers the backed-up files in an encrypted state to a cloud server hosted by Code42 and monitored by Information Services. Individual departments purchase a set number of licenses and can monitor and manage usage easily via the CrashPlan PROe web console.
CrashPlan can be used on Windows and Macintosh desktops and laptops. iOS and Android devices are not supported at this time.

Click on the Request Help button for assistance or help with about CrashPlan.

Available To

Authorized faculty, staff, and graduate employees (GE)

Student licenses can be purchased 


Faculty, staff, and GE:

  • Only IT Directors/Administrators, primary or acting, with appropriate credentials are authorized to request CrashPlan services for a larger pool of users. This allows individual departments to maintain use of their own licenses and distribute them as they see fit.
  • Some faculty, staff, GEs, and other singular individuals are not authorized to request licenses for CrashPlan, but may be able to utilize the software once licenses have been purchased by an appropriate requester. It is the responsibility of each department requester to effectively communicate software needs and usage with faculty, staff, and GEs.

Accessing the Service


  • Once you are approved for use of CrashPlan, you will receive directions on how to access the service. 


There's no additional documentation available.

Support Contact

Click on the Request Help button on this page

Service Levels

To check the status of this service, go to

To report an outage, please use this Service Outage form.

Service Charges

Faculty, staff, and GEs:

  • Cost per license is $82.50 and is prorated by the month over a 12 month licensing period.

Service Provider

Information Services


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