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UOCloud Storage

Service Description

Campus-hosted private cloud storage for departments, faculty, and researchers. The service provides NFS, CIFS/SMB (Windows File Sharing), and iSCSI virtualized shared storage.

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Available To

University-affiliated departments and business units.


This service has no additional requirements.

Accessing the Service

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Support Contact

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Service Levels

Standard maintenance window is Tuesday mornings 5am to 7am. 

To check the status of this service, go to

To report an outage, please use this Service Outage form.

  • For after-hours (7pm to 8am) emergency help, call 541-346-1758.

Duties of Information Services

  • Installation, maintenance, and configuration of new and existing hardware, firmware, license codes, and software
  • Incident response related to disruptions of service from the storage subsystem including but not limited to disk failures, controller failures, fan failures, and other equipment failures typical of a storage appliance
  • Provisioning of new storage volumes or LUNS for presentation to clients
  • Integration of storage system into monitoring and alerting system
  • After-hours response to system outages in accordance with the System on-call policy
  • Configuration of snapshots or other advanced storage system features.
  • Managing and processing renewal of all support agreements covering hardware or software related to the storage appliance

Duties of client

  • Verifying connectivity between storage clients and filer storage system, including network troubleshooting for network NFS or CIFS, and iSCSI topology for any dedicated iSCSI networks.
  • Reporting file system errors and connectivity problems between client systems and the storage system, including performance issues detected at the storage or network level.
  • Establish backup and restore procedures with Systems and Operations staff or meet backup needs via a separate means outside the scope of this document
  • Server administration of storage clients.
  • Management of any networks used to transport data between clients and the storage subsystem in coordination with Systems.
  • Notifying Systems team of new storage needs with sufficient planning time.
  • Client file system configuration and troubleshooting.
  • Timely payment of any and all fees associated with administration or support related directly to the support of client needs.

Definition of Software

Information Services will perform software updates to be applied on a quarterly basis during planned systems maintenance periods.

The following software and protocol features are licensed to provide storage access to client systems, servers, or backup devices:

  • NFS
  • iSCSI (contact for special request)

The following features are available for custom configuration by Information Services staff:

  • Snapshots
  • SnapMirror
  • SnapRestore

Maintenance Periods

Information Services's standard maintenance window is from 5am to 7am daily. These services may be temporarily unavailable during this time period unless otherwise noted in this document.

Typical work performed during systems maintenance periods:

  • Applying operating system patches
  • Rebooting active production servers
  • Failing over between cluster members
  • Changing or modifying firewall rules
  • Upgrading application specific software
  • Updating firmware
  • Updating dependent software
  • Tested and approved system configuration changes

Every effort is made to minimize impacts to availability of production services. However, during the duration of regularly scheduled maintenance periods, services running on hardware covered by this document may be unavailable.

While the systems will still be functioning during these time periods, users may not be able to access servers or storage devices or servers due to network interruptions.

Information Services reserves the right to alter maintenance schedules without notification. Every effort will be made to contact and consult with users in advance.

Service Charges

$65 per TB per year with a 5 year mandatory purchase.

These prices may be subject change.

1tb minimum purchase required

If you need a higher tier of storage, there are additional costs associated. Contact directly.

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