Request Help with the UO Service Portal

Technician Access, Create/Update Service Catalog Entry

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UO Service Portal site help

For assistance with issues related to the service portal, such as technician access, updating group membership, forms, response templates and routing. This service is also for submitting feedback about UO Service Portal.

TDNext/Technician Access

Request or remove technician access to TDNext for working on tickets.

New Service Catalog Entry

Add a new service catalog entry to the service catalog.

Update Service Catalog Entry

If a service catalog entry is out of date or contains incorrect information, submit a request here to get the service catalog entry updated.

Request Knowledge Base Article

This service is for users to request a knowledge base article be written by a subject matter expert. The form will request a subject topic, any information the submitter has regarding the subject, and an optional field for whom the submitter believes is a subject matter expert on the topic.

UO Service Portal Interested New Groups

As the UO Service Portal prepares to move towards future rollout phases, we'd like to gather information from groups about their interest in using the UO Service Portal for ticket management.