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Network & Wireless

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Wireless Networking

Connect to UOnet and the Internet wirelessly with your phone, tablet, laptop, or desktop computer.

Wired Networking

Wired networking, also known as Ethernet, provides a UOnet and Internet connection for a desktop or laptop computer, or for some other network-capable device.

UO VPN Secure Remote Networking

Connect to UO's network, UOnet, from anywhere in the world as if you are on the University of Oregon campus.

Eduroam Roaming Wireless

Eduroam is a secure WiFi roaming service that gives university students, faculty, and staff wireless network access when visiting participating institutions (and vice versa).

Network & Phone Wiring Services

Request wiring services for wired network (i.e. Ethernet) and/or phone services be installed and provisioned where there is none available.

Network Jack Services

Activating or moving wired network jack(s) on the campus network.

Firewall & VPN Services

A network firewall is used to control the information that flows through network connections.

Static IP Addresses

Static IP addresses are commonly used for servers, printers, copiers, network appliances, and similar devices.

Network Provisioning and Configuration Services

This service will assist departmental IT staff in sizing, deploying, and configuring wired and wireless services.