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IT Professional Services

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Centrally managed authentication services.

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Bomgar Remote Support

Bomgar allows UO IT technicians to remotely connect to end-user systems to resolve problems or train customers.

Data Center Colocation Services

Colocation allows you to place a new or existing server in a rack in the Allen Hall Data Center, or request help with an existing colocated server.

Integration Services

Integration Services provides consultation and implementation services for various software integration requests.

IT Consulting

Help with selecting and implementing technology solutions and services.

Red Hat Enterprise Linux

Red Hat Enterprise Linux® is a frequently used enterprise-grade operating system. Information Services offers free licenses for academic (non-personal) use through Red Hat Network (RHN).

RT Work Ticket Service

Request Tracker, or RT, is an issue tracking system used for help desk ticketing.

Source Code Management

Create and manage repositories, set up fine-graned permissions, and collaborate on code.

UOCloud Storage

Campus-hosted private cloud storage

UOCloud Virtual Machines

Host your application or service on servers housed on campus. For efficiency and scalability, Information Services offers virtual machine (VM) hosting services.