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Configuring email security protocols in regard to validating third party email vendors that send email on behalf of the University of Oregon
How-to instructions on how to log into Shell on both Windows or Mac computers.
How to create a Qualtrics account with the University.
General FAQs and resources for Qualtrics.
How to enable Shell access.
UOCloud Storage service SLA
When to use phone bridging with Microsoft Teams/Skype for Business and when to use the AT&T phone conferencing service
Phone bridging for Microsoft Teams and Skype for Business information and instructions.
Creating a Microsoft Teams meeting in Outlook for Mac.
Information about how to use and connect to Jabber.
UO students and faculty may choose to migrate their email to Gmail when their time at the UO ends. Step-by-step instructions on how to migrate your emails to Gmail and get it working similarly to your UO account.
Learn how to use the online migration tool to export your stored email from Webmail/IMAP to Exchange/UOmail.
Instructions for setting up a YubiKey for Two-Step Login with Yubico OTP.
You can set up a static IP on your iPhone/iPad by going to Settings > Wi-Fi > clicking on the "i" next to your network > Static.
This article explains how to install Cisco AnyConnect Secure Mobility Client (commonly just referred to as "AnyConnect") for Mac OS.
How do I get started using RHN?
How to install OneDrive for Business onto Windows.
This article provides answers to frequently asked questions about UO Blogs
A list of the available themes for UO Blogs.
Managing the appearance of your of the web page is an important step in every blog. The links below describe things like how to manage the theme of your blog as well as change the title and manage the available widgets.
This article provides instructions on how to import content from another blog.
How to start conference calls on UO phones.
One of the ways that guests visiting the University of Oregon can gain access to UO's wireless network and the internet is by having a UO faculty or staff member sponsor them. (Guests also have the option of Registering themselves for 7-day access, and some visitors can use eduroam. Learn more at Wireless Network Guest Access.)
Step by step guide on installing Office via Office 365 on Mac, PC and mobile devices.
SMART Boards combine the features of a white board with a computer. You can annotate your presentations on the fly with digital ink and save those notes for later or use the digital ink to increase class interaction. Those are only a few of the possible uses of SMART Boards.