Jabber Usage


Information about how to use and connect to Jabber.


Jabber/XMPP secure client access via jabber.uoregon.edu on port 5222


  • Your Duck ID is used to login to Jabber. For information see our Duck ID page.
  • Your Jabber account is your Duck ID plus @jabber.uoregon.edu, as in bbogus@jabber.uoregon.edu
  • A Jabber/XMPP compatible Instant Messaging client is required to connect to the Jabber service.

Account/Group Request Requirements

  • Any faculty, staff, or student employee within a department using the central Active Directory service may be granted a Jabber account.
  • Requests for Jabber accounts are done by provisioning groups of users via Active Directory groups. These requests must be made by a full-time IT staff who will act as the point of contact.
  • OU Admin or delegated point of contact is responsible for group membership management via Active Directory.

Contact Information:

  • Support for Jabber account creation and Jabber Shared Groups can be found on our Jabber service page.
  • Support for Jabber client software (e.g. Pidgin, Adium, Spark) is provided by your local IT support group.


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