COVID MAP Project Support

MAP Staff will use this service to get support with COVID MAP related projects. Some of the areas of support are (click the title to make a request):

COVID Project General Support
  • Purchasing software or devices
  • Troubleshooting an issue with a technology device
  • Consulting for MAP projects and needs
L7 LIMS Support
  • User access
  • General application support
Mazik General Support
  • User access and licensing for Mazik
  • Event setup and configuration
  • Registration Portals
  • Sending data to and from the Lab
  • Reporting results
Report Outage on COVID Application
  • Description of the Outage
  • When the service was last working for you
  • Any screenshots or other documentation

How to Create a Ticket

To request support select the request type on the right side of the page.

Availability and Access

UO Affiliation (faculty, staff, and some students) whom are working on or as part of a COVID-19 Monitoring and Assessment Program (MAP) project.


If you have any additional questions view the Contact Technology Help page.

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General Support L7 LIMS Support Mazik Support Report Outage

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This article will guide COVID MAP Project technicians through the process of setting up a new location within the Rapid Response App.
This article is designed to guide MAP technicians through the process of generating appointments in the Rapid Response App, how they connect to an event location, and how to delete unnecessary slots.
This article provides an overview of the Rapid Response App used by the COVID MAP Team.
This orientation video is designed for MAP technicians and others using the MazikCare canvas applications. It covers how to register through the Walk-In Registration form, how to use the canvas applications to check in patients to the event, updating the patient record for testing, and additional resources.
This article is designed to be a guide for Rapid Response App users to navigate the People view to prepare test specimens, results, and reporting. This view allows for custom views as well.
This article is designed to act as a guide MazikCare users through the process of setting the time zone to Pacific Time within the MazikCare suite of apps. This setting can be adjusted in any of the apps once and it will carry over to the other apps.
The system settings page of the Rapid Response App allows for MAP technicians to be able to edit workflows for intake forms and to check the status of any of the export processes (for example, appointment generations for events, LIMS Export, and Reporting Destination Export) among other things.
This article is designed to guide MAP technicians through the process of generating test kits within the MazikCare Rapid Response App.
Note: This process is secondary to generating appointments within Rapid Response which ties one test kit to each appointment slot.
This article is designed to guide MAP technicians through a walkthrough of the Pre-Registration App.
This article provides a walkthrough of the Walk-In Registration App by MazikCare for MAP event technicians.


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Service Offerings (4)

General COVID Map Support
Use this service to request support for general COVID-19 Monitoring and Assessment Program (MAP) related projects.
L7 LIMS Support Request
Use this service to request support for L7 LIMS
Mazik Application Support
Use this service to request support for the Mazik (aka MazikCare) COVID-19 Test Scheduling application
Report COVID Application Outage
Use this service to report an outage on one of the COVID application