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Provides printing support for:

  • Large Format Printing
  • Vinyl Cutting
  • Medium Format Printing in Art & Tech
  • Large Format Printing in Photography

Standard Print Service

Our standard service offers quality large-format printing designed to be affordable for students. It is also a great way to produce low cost displays and signage for departments, programs and campus events.

The standard print service features:

  • Matte finish – 42 inch, 36 lb. heavyweight poster paper
  • Satin finish – 42 inch, 7 mil heavyweight poster paper
  • Mylar – 42 inch matte film

These papers are not archival. Fine Art sprays or lamination can extend display life and/or add water resistance. Printing is performed on a HP DesignJet z6100 printer and HP DesignJet Z6 printers using pigment inks.

Premium Print Service

Our premium quality services features polypropylene and vinyl material for display stands, outdoor banners, light-weight indoor banners, or outdoor signage. Prints on polypropylene or vinyl are water resistant and can be displayed outdoors for several months. Polypropylene and vinyl are durable and tear resistant making them perfect for indoor and outdoor banners. Premium services also include archival quality fine art paper in either matte or photo satin finish. Protected and stored properly, prints on archival media should last well over 100 years.

The premium service features (depending on location):

Output Room (Lawrence 281) Millrace Studio 3
  • Archival matte – 36 inch, 300 gsm, super heavyweight
  • Archival photo satin – 36 inch, 300 gsm, super heavyweight
  • Scrim vinyl– 36 inch, heavyweight, [outdoor banners]
  • Matte polypropylene – 42 inch, 7 mil, [banner stands, indoor banners, outdoor signs/posters]
  • Satin polypropylene – 36 inch, 8 mil, [banner stands, indoor banners, outdoor signs/posters]
  • Adhesive vinyl – 24 inch, [sticky back]

Draft Printing

Draft printing provides a lower cost option so you can print and get a general representation to determine if size and scale are satisfactory. Draft printing is on lightweight paper in draft print mode. This service is perfect for printing working drawings.

The draft printing features:

  • Draft – 24 inch, 19 lb., coated paper

Custom Paper

Customer provided paper is considered experimental. As such, customer provided paper is at your own expense. We allow customer provided stock of any type that meets manufactures specifications. Customers are encouraged to become familiar with the various paper options available to them through the the Duck Store, as paper quality, properties and color can have enormous impact on the finished product. All customer provided paper is at your own expense. With the wide variety of media types it is impossible for us to know how alternative media might perform or what changes in work flow might be required. Therefore, you should be prepared for any additional printing cost that may be required to produce the desired result

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