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Host your application or service on servers housed on campus. For efficiency and scalability, Information Services offers virtual machine (VM) hosting services on our enterprise VMware cluster. Virtual servers hosted in our environment benefit from high-availability server hosting configurations, and professional systems and operations processes. Tiered offerings are available to meet every service delivery need.

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Available To

Faculty and staff with IT support staff who can maintain the operation of the virtual machines.


This service has no additional requirements.

Accessing the Service

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Support Contact

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Service Levels

To check the status of this service, go to status.uoregon.edu.

To report an outage, please use this Service Outage form.

Duties of Information Services

  • Responsible for hardware, firmware, and VMware software updates
  • Responsible for hardware troubleshooting, diagnosis, and resolution
  • Responsible for performance and availability monitoring including after-hours response to system outages related to facilities, hardware, or VMware malfunction
  • Responsible for documentation of configuration and maintenance procedures and processes concerning VMware environment
  • Responsible for delegating appropriate levels of access necessary for the purposes of Systems Administration for client

Duties of VMware client

  • Responsible for backup and restore functionality to ensure continuity of data and restoration of service in the case of a disaster that impacts VMware client.
  • Responsible for the installation of VMware tools and updates to it.
  • Responsible for the application of all patches and updates to the guest operating system
  • Responsible for the application of all patches and updates to any and all software installed on top of the guest operating system.
  • Responsible for performance and availability monitoring including after-hours response to system outages related to guest server configuration problems or disruptions
  • Responsible for documentation of configuration and maintenance procedures and processes concerning guest environment
  • Responsible for timely response to all security concerns
  • Renewal of all necessary support agreements covering installed software and/or operating systems licensing (Microsoft Windows and Redhat Linux base licensing is included as part of the service, CALs are not).
  • Responsible for proper alignment of all partitions configured in any virtual hard drives.
  • Responsible for supplying maintenance windows within 6 weeks of request for VM right-sizing operations.
  • Hosts will be provisioned in a default deny incoming network. If clients want remote access, a firewall request will need to submitted.

VM Sizing

VMs running in the environment must be right-sized. Resources must be assigned to meet the needs of the application (but not over). This ensures that resources are used effectively.  Sizing for running machines will be based on observed running operation and will account for any required buffer for failover operations.

Right-sizing is compulsory for VMs provided from IS-funded resources. When requested, a maintenance window (which may involve a reboot) must be provided to make any changes to the VMs.  That window must be within 6 weeks of the request. Failure to provide a maintenance window for your specific VM will result in maintenance being performed in the next available regular service maintenance window.

Guest OS Support

Systems will deploy new VMs with a gold image template if desired. Available templates are:

  • Windows 2008R2
  • Windows 2012R2
  • Windows 2016
  • Windows 10
  • Redhat6 (32 or 64bit)
  • Redhat7 (64bit)

If you would like to run another OS, and its supported by our current version of VMware ESX, we can provision you a blank VM for you to install the OS onto.

Maintenance periods

Information Services – Systems maintenance will occur between 5am and 7am on Tuesday mornings. Management servers may be temporarily unavailable during this time period unless otherwise noted in this document.  Maintenance done outside this window will be announced via the opt-in mailing list (see FAQ for details) at least 24 hours in advance.

Typical work performed during systems maintenance periods:

  • Applying vCenter system patches
  • Rebooting active production servers
  • Rebooting fail-over servers
  • Changing or modifying firewall rules
  • Upgrading application specific software
  • Updating hardware firmware levels
  • Updating dependent software
  • Tested and approved system configuration changes

Every effort is made to impact service availability of production instances as little as possible, however during the duration of regularly schedule maintenance periods, services running on hardware covered in this document may be unavailable. Impacts to VM operation will be scheduled and announced in advanced to the mailing list.

Network Services reserves separate maintenance windows to perform regular network upgrades.

While the systems will still be functioning during these time-periods, users may not be able to access the servers during this time due to network interruptions.

Information Services reserves the right to perform maintenance during these periods without prior notification to impacted parties.

Service Charges

Service that covers most use cases is provided at no cost. Large requests that require additional infrastructure expansion may require a financial contribution. Please contact us to discuss.

Service Provider

Information Services


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