WiFi & Network

WiFi, Wired Networking, VPN, Firewall Services

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Firewall Support Request

Use this service to request new, or modify, firewall rules; or to modify administrative firewall access rules

Wi-Fi Networking Support

se this service to request support for UONet for wireless connections to your phone, tablet, laptop, or desktop.

UO VPN Support

Use this service to get support for the UO VPN.

Administrator VPN and Specialized VPN Support

Specialized / solution specific VPN solutions such as Administrative Access VPN, point-to-point and limited access VPNs. Not to be confused with the more commonly utilized UOVPN service.

Wired Networking Support

Use this service to request assistance with wired networking (also known as Ethernet).

Mobile Wireless Device (MiFi) Rental Request

Traveling? Rent a wireless cell router to ensure connectivity while on the road. MiFi is a mobile wireless hotspot that will provide internet or network access for up to 15 WiFi-enabled devices.

Network & Phone Services for Short-term Events

Request network and/or phone services for short-term events, such as: athletic events, sports and stadium venue temporary network connections, constructions projects, concerts, or other temporary events.

Network & Phone Services for On-Campus Vendors

On-campus vendors, retailers, and other contracted entities can use this form to request new network and/or phone services or changes to existing network and/or phone services.

Static IP Addresses

Static IP addresses are commonly used for servers, network appliances, and similar devices.