CS720/CS740 Wireless Headset for use with campus VOIP telephone, computer, and smartphone

Connecting a Plantronics Savi-720 (or Savi-740) to an Avaya VOIP Telephone

Update: This model doesn't exist now.  The Savi-720 direct replacement 8220M.  
The Savi-740 is now 8240M.

Setup should otherwise be the same.   New model is very similar.

1. Getting Started: We see a picture of a Savi 720 with APV-63 cable (in the small box) adjacent to a Avaya 9608 telephone.   
Note that the Savi 740 is very similar but only covers one ear (not dual-ear). 

Instructions per-step are above each picture:

2. Unboxing the small box with Avaya connection cable(s).   In the case of IP telephones (shown below) it is the APV-63. 

3. Unboxing the Savi 720 headset power cord shown below:

4. Connecting the power to the base of Savi 720:  The round connector only has one potential connection location on the back of the base. 

5. The APV cable typically comes in a separate small box.   Connection to an Avaya phone requires this special cable which *does not* automatically come with the 720 itself.  The APV cable connection to the base of the Savi-720 headset stand is shown below: 

6. The APV connector on the other side connects to the phone where there's a headset picture.   The back of a 9608 telephone is shown below:

7. Ring Detection: The small microphone can be connected for hearing a beep in your ear if someone calls when away from your desk.  This secondary cable is only for use with 9608 or 9630 telephones and does not come with the 2420's connection cable.  The small secondary cable plugs into the bigger cable. 

8. The picture below, shows the ring detection cable attaching to the bigger APV cable, so yes, this is the small cable plugged into the larger cable shown below:

9. This is the other end of the small ring-detection (secondary cable) which is only present for the 9608/9630 phones.  The ring detection cable sticks onto the speaker of the telephone as shown below:

10. PC USB connection at the Savi-720 base end is shown below:

11.  The USB can be plugged directly into the back or front of ones PC in an available USB port:

Or the USB cable can be connected to a USB Hub, for example, the side of a Dell Monitor which is in turn already connected to the PC: 

The steps above should be enough to get everything physically connected. In addtion, we recommend you download and install the Plantronic's Hub software from their website. 



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