Moving from Exchange to UOmail

How Do I Know When I'm Moving?

All accounts that are currently on Exchange are scheduled to be moved by March 2020.  You will be notified directly before your personal account is moved.

What Do I Need To Do?

Note:  We will move your email, calendar, and contacts for you. However, you may need to update settings on your computer and phone.

The night before your move, close all your email programs on your computer and mobile devices.

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The day of your move:

  • Update your email account on your mobile devices. We recommend updating your settings rather than deleting and re-adding your account.  Instructions below.
  • Update your email account on your computer if needed.  Instructions below.

New server address:

New username:  (Use your complete email address)

If you are uncertain if you have been moved, you can test this by logging in at  If it works - you've been moved!

Common Issues

Inbox Display at

UOmail uses Focused Inbox to display your email by default.  If you would like to turn that off, see this article:  UOmail: Outlook for the Web Features & Settings

Not Receiving New Email / Missing Contacts or Calendar Entries on your Computer

Some programs will automatically update and no action will be required.  If you are missing items, or are not receiving new items, use these setup instructions:

Not Receiving New Email / Missing Contacts or Calendar Entries on your Mobile Device

It is likely that you need to update your account settings. 

Recommended method:  Update your server and username settings (Server =, Username = Full Email Address)

Alternate method:  Delete and re-add the account.  Before you delete your account, we recommend backing up your phone.  When you delete and re-add the account, it may take some time for all of your email, contacts, and calendar information to re-sync.

Please see the following instructions:

Help with Advanced Settings

If any of these apply to you, please contact your IT support team for assistance:

  • Use delegated accounts
  • Use secondary accounts
  • Open multiple mailboxes

Trouble Logging in to

If you have previously used or Office 365 in the same browser, you may need to clear your browser cache and restart your browser.  See instructions on how to Clear Your Browser's Cache and Cookies.

Prompts Asking for Permission

When you first open your email program after your move, you may get prompts asking for permission for a new server to configure your settings.  It is safe to allow this for the items listed below.  If available, please check the "Always use my response for this server" box.  It is normal to receive up to two prompts per account you are using in your program.

Safe items to allow:


Junk Email Retention

UOmail will automatically delete junk mail after 30 days.  Also be aware that Outlook Web Access (OWA) displays a warning that is confusing.  When viewing your junk mail folder a header is displayed saying that junk mail will be deleted after 10 days.  However, when you view an individual message in your junk mail folder you will see the actual retention schedule (30 days) and the date the message is scheduled to be deleted.

Learn More

For a general overview of email on campus, please see All About Email at UO.

We also have a collection of articles on Setting Up Your Email and Using Your Email in our knowledge base.

Learn more about the browser version of UOmail:  UOmail: Outlook for the Web Features & Settings

Get Help

To request help online, see Email and Calendar Help.

You can also contact your local IT support group, or the Technology Service Desk.


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