Moving from Webmail to Exchange


How can I move my email from Webmail/IMAP (Basic Email) to Exchange/UOmail?

Please Note: During spring and summer 2019, UO faculty and staff with Webmail/IMAP are being transitioned to Exchange/UOmail as part of the Campus Email Project. After your account has been transitioned, you will have access to your old Webmail mailbox for only a limited time. To keep your old messages, you must take action. Affected employees should receive more information from Information Services, CASIT, or their unit's IT staff.


Use the online migration tool at

  1. Prepare for migration by emptying your Trash/Deleted Items and Junk folders.
  2. After your account has been transitioned to Exchange (as per your IT staff or Information Services), go to
  3. Enter your Duck ID (first part of your email address) and password
    Note: If your password contains one of the following special characters — space, (, ), \, ", {, or non-English characters — you'll need to change it at Duck ID Self-Service ( to something without any of those characters.
  4. Recommended: Check the checkbox to delete messages from Webmail/IMAP after they are successfully copied to Exchange
  5. Click the button "Migrate email to Exchange"
  6. If your migration completes successfully, you will receive an email indicating that*. If your email migration stops prematurely or causes error messages, simply go back to the migration tool and run it again. You won't create duplicates of your email messages. The following can cause problems with migration:
    • Large attachments: If you have any email attachments larger than 20 MB (perhaps in your Drafts folder), you will not be able to move them to Exchange, which has a 20 MB limit for attachments.
    • Folder names: Spaces at the beginning of folder names will cause the migration to fail. Change those folder names to remove the initial spaces.

*On rare occasions, you may get a success message even though not all of your email messages have migrated. To confirm that all messages have been migrated, simply log into and check whether any messages remain.

Migration Self Service Page


  • When can I start? You can't migrate your messages until your account has been transitioned to Exchange as per CASIT, your IT staff, or Information Services.
  • Public records requirements: Email is subject to the University Records Management Policy. How long an email should be kept depends on the retention period for the records of the activity the message supports. For more information, visit the UO Records Management website.
  • Password error: Below is the error message you'll see in your browser if your Duck ID password contains one of the following special characters: space, (, ), \, ", {, or non-English characters. If this happens, please reset your password at Duck ID Self-Service ( to something without any of those characters.
    • Starting migration job . . . 
      If an error occurs with your login, more information will appear within about 10 seconds. If no other status messages appear indicating an error, then your migration job has started and you will receive a status report by email when the job completes. Please allow a generous amount of time for the migration, especially if you have a large amount of email to migrate. You do not need to leave this page open while your migration is in progress.
      ERROR: You appear to have provided the wrong DuckID or password. Use your brower's 'back' button to return to the form and try again.

Need help? Running out of time? Please contact the IT staff in your unit. For example, CAS faculty and staff should contact CASIT.


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