Should I use Phone Bridging with Teams/Skype or AT&T Conferencing?


The UO offers the following conferencing services: 

  • Phone bridging with Microsoft Teams and Skype for Business
  • AT&T phone conferencing 

Each service allows users to set up meetings that attendees can then dial into with a phone. Read on to see the differences between each solution, and when to use one over the other. 

Note: If you need immediate phone conferencing services, please use the University's AT&T phone conferencing service. 


What is Teams/Skype phone bridging and AT&T phone conferencing? 

Phone bridging with Microsoft Teams and Skype for Business enables the ability to call into Teams and Skype for Business meetings with a phone. This can be useful in the event of unreliable network connections or if users prefer an alternate method to joining the meeting via an online link. To use this service, meeting organizers must be covered by a Teams/Skype phone bridging license.

The AT&T conference service is a toll free service where up to 500 people can dial in and join a call. The host can initiate a call from their office, home or cell, but must remain on the call to keep it connected. Reservations can be requested by submitting a ticket through the service portal here

What's the difference? 

Solution comparison Microsoft Teams/Skype for Business Phone Bridging AT&T Phone Conferencing
Cost Up to $20.79/user/year (price will vary depending on what month you purchase a license). $15 setup fee/conference call + 3 cents/minute/caller
Phone numbers Toll. Cell phone users may incur charges from their cell phone service porvider.  Toll free. International call charges will apply. 
Maximum attendees 250 500
Setup time  The initial purchasing process for Teams/Skype phone bridging licenses can take up to a week. Immediate. *Longer if your department needs a dedicated line. 

When should I use Teams/Skype phone bridging? 

If the following scenarios are true for you, Teams and Skype phone bridging might be the best option for you: 

  • Your machine and email are configured to allow you to create Teams meetings. See Creating a Microsoft Teams Meeting for more information. 
  • You plan on doing a lot of phone conferencing. MS Teams is a more cost-effective option than AT&T conferencing. A licensed user can create as many phone-enabled Teams/Skype meetings as they need to, and attendees can join for free.
  • Your phone conference/s will have a maximum of 250 attendees


When should I use AT&T Phone Conferencing? 

If the following scenarios are true for you, AT&T phone conferencing might be the best option for you: 

  • You need a conference line set up for you immediately. 
  • You need a toll-free number. 
  • Your phone conference/s will have a maximum of 500 attendees
  • You have an international caller that needs to join. 


Is AT&T phone conferencing going to be replaced by phone bridging for Teams/Skype? 

No. Phone bridging with Teams/Skype is just another phone conferencing solution the University of Oregon offers. 


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