UO Microsoft Exchange


This page describes the features of the UO Microsoft Exchange service including a service description, how to obtain the service, and how to get support.


What is UO Exchange?

UO Exchange provides integrated services for email, calendaring, contact management, directory services, mobile devices and task management.

Users of UO Exchange can send and receive email, schedule meetings with other UO Exchange users, reserve resources like conference rooms and projectors, manage their own personal contact, create and assign tasks, collaboratively edit documents and much more, all within the Microsoft suite of Office products.

UO Exchange supports ActiveSync synchronization via smartphone/mobile devices such as iPhones, Android phones, and tablets. For setup directions, see one of the following:

UO Exchange is provided to customers with the following assumptions:

  • UO Departments are responsible to provide all required hardware and software for their users to access the centralized UO Exchange resource.
  • UO Departmental full-time technical staff will provide end user migration and technical support.
  • Departmental technical staff and UO Information Services staff will cooperatively resolve issues on supported platforms.

Connect to UO Microsoft Exchange

Microsoft Exchange 2013 is currently available for all staff and faculty with dedicated IT support. Please contact your local IT administrator for setup and configuration.

Who to Contact for UO 2013 Microsoft Exchange Support

  • Tier 1 Support: Local Departmental Support
    • Software training
    • Basic Troubleshooting
    • Incident Reporting
  • Tier 2 Support: Local Departmental Support
    • Mailbox Management (Quota increases, message troubleshooting)
    • Advanced client troubleshooting (Client configuration issues)
    • Incident verification

Don't know who you are supported by? Search Department & Unit IT Support to find your local IT department.

  • Tier 3 Support: Information Services—AD/Exchange Team
    • Exchange server change control
    • Exchange server configuration management
    • Exchange server performance monitoring
    • Exchange mailbox backups and recoveries
    • Exchange server mailbox migration

For further support please submit an Email and Calendar Help ticket.

Current Exchange Admin Request and Approval Process

To request Exchange Administrator access, fill out the form on UO Forms. The requirements to apply to become an Exchange Administrator are:

  • Applicant is a full-time IT professional
  • Applicant is authorized by the dean or vice provost, vice president of a unit

Each unit may have up to two administrators.


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