Using Two-Step Login with the Duck ID Administrative Console


Beginning Nov. 29, 2017, the Duck ID Admin Console (Trident) will be accessible only through a specific VPN that is protected by two-step login.


To access the Duck ID Admin Console through the VPN:

  1. Visit in any web browser (Note: Only the browser connected to this URL will be on the VPN connection)
  2. Enter your Duck ID Admin Console credentials into the Cisco prompt, and click the Login button
  3. Complete a second-factor authentication method at the Duo prompt
  4. Click the Web Bookmark named Duck ID Administrative Console

  5. Log in with your Duck ID Admin Console credentials, and the Admin Console can now be used as normal
  6. To log out of the protected VPN, click the red power button symbol in the menu that appears at the top right of the page, or close your browser session


Additional Information

There is an alternative way to connect to this VPN: You can use Cisco AnyConnect to connect to If you connect this way, all network traffic from your computer will be on this VPN connection.

The Duck ID Admin Console is the only service currently protected by this two-step login VPN. In the future, as more services start using this VPN, they may appear on the Cisco SSL VPN Service homepage. 


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