BeyondTrust FAQ - End Users


Common questions asked for using BeyondTrust.


How do I request BeyondTrust support?  

Support can be requested via the Live Help portal. If you are already engaged with a support representative, they may provide you with a unique link to initiate a support session, or you can begin a support session by navigating to rs (for remote support) and selecting the name of your support representative from the list. When you start a support session, the Beyond Trust support client will be downloaded to your computer. Depending on your computer or browser settings, it may run automatically or you may have to locate it in your Downloads folder. In some cases, you may need to move the file out of the Download folder in order for the client to start.

Alternatively, a BeyondTrust button can be used. A BeyondTrust Support button is an icon placed on the end-user's device; selecting it will begin a support session. For additional information about BeyondTrust buttons, see BeyondTrust Button: Quickly Request Support

Will I need to give my support person any of my passwords?  

No. If at any time a password is required to facilitate support, you will be instructed to type in your password from your own computer.

Does a BeyondTrust support person have full access to my computer?  

No. Access to content requiring a password on your computer will be inaccessible unless you type in your password. Furthermore, you and your support person will be seeing the same things-- if they open a file you're not comfortable sharing with them, you can either tell them so or end the session yourself.

In some cases, the support person can request information from your computer (eg. system information, including your operating system and programs installed) but they will not have access to that information unless you first click Allow (in the BeyondTrust chat window). 

For more information about application sharing, see Application Sharing: Limit what a Representative Can See.

Can I stop a session while it is ongoing? 

You may end a session at any time by pressing the large white X at the lower-right corner of the screen. Alternatively, you can stop the session by pressing Ctrl-Alt-Delete.

Can a support person access my computer at any time? 

No. To begin a session, a BeyondTrust support person will typically contact you to request a session, and you will have the choice of either accepting or declining.  

Once a BeyondTrust session is over, is anything left on my computer? 

For the most part, no. The exception is when your support person has received permission to pin your session, leaving the BeyondTrust mini-client installed on your computer. This ensures that, should you seek support at a later date, you do not have to re-download the mini-client to begin another support session.


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