BeyondTrust FAQ - Support Representatives


Common questions for BeyondTrust support representatives


What is BeyondTrust?  

BeyondTrust is a remote support solution that allows support technicians to remotely connect to systems through firewalls from their computer or mobile device.

What is a BeyondTrust Representative? 

A BeyondTrust Representative provides support to end-users and either holds or shares a BeyondTrust license.

How many users can share a BeyondTrust license?  

BeyondTrust uses a concurrent licensing model based on simultaneous representative usage, which means clients or organizations need only purchase licenses for the number of representatives who will be logged into BeyondTrust at one time.

For additional information, see Concurrent Licensing (PDF).

Is BeyondTrust compatible with all desktops, devices, and platforms? 

BeyondTrust is considered multi-platform, capable of remotely connecting to and supporting many desktops, laptops, and mobile devices running various platforms, including Windows, Linux, Mac, Android, and BlackBerry. However, functionality for some operating systems may be limited. For example, it is against Apple's terms and conditions to remote-control iPads and iPhones, but you can still screen share. For a more comprehensive overview, see Supported Platforms for Technicians and Remote Computers.

What is the BeyondTrust Representative Console, and how do I install it?  

The BeyondTrust Representative Console is the user interface with which BeyondTrust Representatives manage remote sessions.

To install it, go to the Representative Console login page and enter your Duck ID and password. From the My Account page, download and install the representative console by completing the installation wizard.

For more detailed information, see Install the Representative Console.

How do I begin a session?  

Select the Start button at the top of your representative console for a quick reference of the methods to begin a session

For more information, see Session Start Options, Session Keys, and Accept a Session to Start Support.

Are all of my sessions recorded?  

All sessions are recorded and securely stored on the BeyondTrust appliance. Granular access to these recordings can be configured by the BeyondTrust administrator. Typical configurations could be: 

  • View only the sessions you own
  • View sessions by your team
  • No access to session recordings

How do I elevate administrative rights during a session?

There are two ways to elevate in a support session. 

  • Prompt the user.When you do this, a User Access Control (UAC) Prompt is shown on the endpoint. Once the user has acknowledged and approved the elevation request your session will reconnect in an elevated state
  • Enter credentials that have elevated privileges on the endpoint. This requires you to have credentials that have local admin privileges on the endpoint. Once you have entered the credentials, the session will reconnect in an elevated state.

How do I transfer a session to another rep?

You can transfer ownership of the session to another representative by clicking the person icon with a white arrow inside a green circle on Session Tools.

For additional information, see Quick Guide: Support Session Overview under the Session Tools heading.

How do I transfer files to and from a remote computer?

You can transfer files with the upload and download buttons in the console or by dragging and dropping the files. Right clicking a file brings up a menu from which you can, among other things, create a new directory; rename, open, or delete a file; and download a file directly to your machine. These capabilities are determinant upon the permissions set for your account and the restrictions on the remote system.

For more information, see File Transfer to and from Remote System.

Can an end-user see everything I’m doing on their own screen? Is there any way to control what they see?  

When you begin a session, you will first see a Screen Sharing button in the middle of the session window. If you select it, every action you take on your own screen will be seen by the user on theirs. Otherwise, you may choose to have only certain applications shown to them. A third option available, Privacy Screen, disables the remote customer's view of their screen. Instead, a courtesy message will be displayed. 

For more information, see Restricted Customer Interaction: Privacy Screen, Disable Remote Input.

Why don't I see any data when I view the System Info tab?

You must first click the Refresh button at the top of each respective section within the System Info tab to view the remote system's data.

For additional information, see View Remote System Information.

Can I reboot a remote computer without ending a session?

BeyondTrust Reboot feature lets you restart a remote computer then pick up where the session left off.

How do I end a session?

You can close the session by clicking the red X in the side bar or the session tab, or exiting through the session menu.

Can I collaborate with other BeyondTrust Representatives (or an external party) in a shared BeyondTrust session? 

You may invite one or more BeyondTrust representatives to participate in a shared session by clicking the Share button in Session Tools. You will retain ownership of the session while having the ability to receive input from other representatives or an external user. You may also request an access sponsor to perform certain actions on your behalf.

In addition, you can invite an external representative (i.e, MS Premier support) to join a session. You will have the option to share your entire screen or limit the applications that these external representatives see. 

For additional information, see Share a Session with Other Representatives, Invite an External Representative to Join a Session, and/or Application Sharing .

Can I run multiple BeyondTrust sessions at the same time?  

BeyondTrust's multi-session capabilities allow you to control multiple remote desktops or mobile devices simultaneously. Each session window can be detached and maximized on your monitor/s.

Can I use BeyondTrust to remote into a desktop with multiple monitors configured?  

Yes. When you first connect to a remote desktop, you will be viewing the primary monitor in the Screen Sharing tab. If additional monitors are configured, you can navigate the various displays using the Display icon, a basic map of the end user's monitors, or the Displays tab.

For more information see View Multiple Monitors on a Remote Desktop.

What is a jump client?  

A Jump Client is an installable application that enables a support representative to access an unattended remote computer, regardless of its location or residing network.

For additional information, see Use Jump Clients to Access Unattended Computers

What does it mean to pin a session? How do I do it?  

A Pinned Session is a BeyondTrust support session that started through a Jump Client.

For instructions on how to do this, see Use Jump Clients to Access Unattended Computers.

How do I fix the "Error validating parameter 'queue_id': The representative could not be found." issue when generating a session in TDNext?

The first time that you generate a session in TDX, you will be asked to link your TDX account with your BeyondTrust account. If either of these accounts change, TDX may not know how to find your BeyondTrust account. To remove this connection:

  1. Login to TDNext.
  2. Click your name in the upper right hand corner, then click "My Profile".
  3. Click the "Settings" tab.
  4. In the Integration Settings panel, look for the "Tickets \ Bomgar Integration Settings" panel and click "Remove".
  5. The next time you generate a new session, it should ask you to reestablish the link.


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