Office 365 Troubleshooting


This article will explain some of the common issues with Office 365 and how to solve them.


Problem Reason Fix

Inability to print from Office 365 apps or device freezes up and printer says "spooling" (common with Windows 7 32 bit).

Printer status notification isn't disabled.

Go to:

  1. Devices and printers
  2. Printer properties
  3. Disable printer status notification
OneDrive Crashing. Downloading another version of Office, ie: Office 2016. Uninstall Office and clear cache. Reinstall Office 365.

Error: User does not have a subscription.

User does not have an OFFICE_365_USER role. Account admin will add role. May take up to 24 hours to take effect.
Error: You don't have a license to use Office 365 with the user ID assigned to you by your work or school. Ask your admin to assign one to you. If you're an admin, you can assign one to your account. Account issues, uncertain as to the cause. Account admin will add 365 role. May take up to 24 hours to take effect.

Unknown Error: -2147467259.

Time and date are in a different format then expected. Make sure that the date and time are in standard us format and that the calendar style is Georgian if on a Mac. Other time and date settings may need to be changed as well.
Error: Your account doesn't allow editing on a Mac. Local install needs to be activated or re-activated.
  1. Confirm the user's license by having them log in to Office 365, go to their account Settings, click Office 365 Settings, then click Subscriptions. They should have a Microsoft 365 A5 for student use benefit License. If a different license is shown, escalate to Tier II.
  2. If the license is correct, launch any of the applications giving the error, click OK on the error message, and then click the Use Another Account button. Have them log in with their email address and password. Office will then re-activate; it may take several minutes to complete.


We're sorry, but <duckid> can't be found in the directory. Please try again later, while we try to automatically fix this for you.


User: <duckid>
Issue Type: User not in directory.

The user has not used OneDrive before and therefore their SharePoint access has not been populated.
  1. Go to Office 365
  2. Log in with your full email address and password
  3. Go to OneDrive
  4. Create and save a file to OneDrive
  5. Repeat the action that gave you the error and see if you are able to get in
User is unable to access or login to Office 365 apps through the desktop application (specifically observed on Windows devices). There is no specific error code recorded related to this. generally: "unable to log in" / blank screens and endless loading times. Previous Office applications need to be uninstalled.

Make sure that the device is up to date - You can check for windows updates Start > Settings > Update & Security > Windows Update, and then click check for updates. Unfortunately, older versions of windows tend to not respond well with the most up to date version and licensing of Microsoft Office.

 Check if there are any older versions of Office installed on the device: 

  1. Open the Start menu
  2. Click Control Panel
  3. Select Programs, or Programs and Features
  4. Select Uninstall a program
  5. Search for the Microsoft program you wish to uninstall and select it
  6. Click Uninstall
  7. Do the same for all standalone Office applications (Excel, Powerpoint, etc.)
  8. Restart the device

Try installing the newest version of Office as directed on the University service portal:

  1. Navigate to the UO Office 365 Portal
  2. Sign In with your full UO email address and password
  3. Click on Install Office, then Office 365 Apps from the drop-down menu that appears. This will download the Office 365 Installer to your computer
  4. Run the Office 365 installer
    • If prompted, click Continue and Install
    • If you encounter the error Couldn't Install Office, click Install 64-bit and the installation should continue
  5. Once the installation is complete, Open Office 365
  6. Sign in with your UO email and password

If none of this works, there is an alternative solution. Log into a specific app individually instead of the Office desktop application. This seems to blanket login to all applications as well. This solution does not work when the user is unable to log into specifc apps; check cache and unistall and reinstall for this issue. 




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