Useful Host Information


The following information is specific to the University of Oregon network.


Domain name:

Domain Name Servers:

Recursive for UO (used by campus clients):

  • 2607:8400:2802:82::e
  • 2001:468:d01:3c::80df:3c17


Authoritative for (used off-campus to resolve UO names)  :


UOnet Global IPv4 Address Space:


UOnet Global IPv6 Address Space:

  • 2001:468:D00::/40
  • 2607:8400::/32

UOnet Internal IPv4 Address Space:

  •  (Campus Wired Clients, a.k.a. "UO Restricted")
  •  (Campus Wireless Clients)
  •  (VPN Client networks including UO VPN)

Off-Campus IPv4 Address Space:

  •  (UO Guest (wired and wireless) Clients)

UO Website:

NTP Servers: (stratum-2)

Some useful contact information:

(Questions specific to the following topics should be directed to them)

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