Accessing the API Developer Portal


The information below will describe how a University of Oregon developer can access the University of Oregon API Developer Portal.

The developer portal is a website that allows developers to browse available APIs and their end points, and to get detailed information about various endpoints and try them out. It is intended for University of Oregon developers to explore available APIs using a key that is specific to the developer's Duck ID account. These developer keys are not intended to be used in production applications.

If you need access to an API for production use please see Requesting Access to Production APIs below.

Accessing the developer portal

There are a few steps to get access to the UO Developer Portal. Once you have access you will be able to explore the APIs available to you.

Your developer account can be created automatically by logging into the UO Developer Portal with your Duck ID and password. Access can then be requested to access test endpoints to explore, develop, and test. Please note that while it is optional, it is recommended to login using an Incognito Browser window to address a known logout issue.

  1. Go to the UO Developer Portal
  2. Login using your Duck ID and password
  3. If this is your first login, you will be prompted to fill out some information about yourself.
  4. Once complete, your account will be created in the developer portal.

Reviewing a list of APIs

Please Note: APIs and Products will not display until you have logged into the developer portal.
  1. Login to the UO Developer Portal with your Duck ID and password
  2. Click Products along the top bar.
  3. Click the APIs Available for Use with Subscription product.

Requesting access to APIs for evaluation

Open a service request at API Access & Support.

  1. In the service request please include the names of the APIs you are interested in reviewing. If you don't see the API you are interested in, please describe what you are looking for. Please see Reviewing a list of APIs above for more information.
  2. Provide a brief business case for the API usage.
    1. Depending on the API that is being requested, data steward approval may be required.
    2. If data steward approval is required, more information about your plans may be necessary before obtaining test access.

Requesting Access to Production APIs

Access to production APIs require data steward approval. Once you have evaluated the APIs and know which ones you want to request, please do the following:

  1. Open a service request at API Access & Support.
  2. List the APIs that you are needing access to
  3. Please provide details regarding the business case. Helpful information to include is:
    1. Who will have access to this information?
    2. Will this information be stored and re-served, or dynamically displayed?
    3. If this is a third party application, please attach the contract with the vendor.
    4. Any additional accompanying documentation that can clarify the use case. As a general guideline, the more information you can provide to support the business case, the less follow-up questions will be necessary.
Note: Data steward approval is necessary for any use case that require accessing an API directly or indirectly. The APIs requested will determine the scope of approvals necessary. Due to this complexity please allow at least two weeks for approval. APIs cannot begin getting provisioned to an account until data stewards have outlined the requirements for access. Please note that best efforts will be made to gain approval sooner, and all efforts will be made to accommodate urgent requests, but we can not guarantee the turn around time for approval.

Known Issues with the API Portal

Microsoft is aware of an issue that prevents a user from fully logging out of the portal. The functionality is inconsistent and can lead to situations where a user will remain logged in despite clicking the logout button. The suggested workaround is to use a incognito/private browser session.

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