Using TDX and Microsoft Teams


This article describes how to use the TeamDynamix (TDX) Teams integration as an end-user. The Teams integration for TDX is a messaging extension, which means it can be accessed any time you are creating a chat message in Teams (both chat messages and posts directly to team channels).

Code of Conduct

The TDX MS Teams app is an alternative interface to TeamDynamix, and the existing UO Service Portal Code of Conduct applies to the use of the TDX MS Teams app.

Setting up TDX in Teams

  • If you are in a channel, click Start a new conversation; if you are in a chat click Type a new message.
  • Click the ... button below the message box. The Find an app dialog will display.
    TDX Teams Integration
  • If TDX doesn't show on the first page of the results, search for TDX in the Find an app box.
  • Right-click the app and select Pin

Using TDX in Teams

Once the app is pinned, anytime you are typing a message, you can click the TDX icon below your message to insert a TDX information card.  The app will require you to sign in the first time you use it with your Duck ID.

  • Click the TDX icon below your chat or channel message while typing a message
    The TDX button is highlighted
  • Ticket search is default.  If you want to search Assets, Articles, or Services, click on those headers.
    • Please Note: The search will adhere to the permissions you have in TDX, but once the information is posted to a chat or channel, anyone there can view it.  Please be aware of what information you are making visible to others.
  • Once the information card is posted, you can view the full ticket by clicking View button.
  • You can also leave comments in the ticket by clicking the Comment button.  Commenting in this way will not send notifications.

For more information, see the TeamDynamix knowledge base article on Using TeamDynamix with Microsoft Teams.

See the following video for a demonstration on how to use the TDX application in MS Teams.


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