Video Conferencing Services

Professional Video Conferencing Services:

Video conferencing allows for improved communication abilities, enhanced opportunities and productive collaboration. Video conferencing uses sound and video from each participant in real time with other participants in other physical locations, enabling those participants to have a real-time exchange. Additionally, participants can share presentations and documents from a computer. Depending on the size of the conference and complexity, there is software-based and hardware-based options.

Campus event spaces with video conferencing capabilities:

Note: We are currently refreshing our control rooms to provide the best services possible to campus.

Therefore, the availability of certain control rooms will be limited. Please contact us for updates on availability.

‚ÄčWe will be responsible for the signal up to the network connection. If an Ethernet connection is not used by either side of the call, the quality and feasibility of web-conferencing will be impacted. We do not have control of the UO campus network and are not responsible if a network service degradation occurs. If a network interruption occurs, it may affect the delivery and viewing of the video conference. We always recommend to use a wired connection when conferencing. 

IS Media Services is NOT responsible for service degradation due to lack of Internet connection.

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