Live Web Streaming Services


Expand your audience beyond campus by live streaming your event to reach more viewers! 

  • We provide online live video streaming service for campus events, as well as signal routing for overflow rooms.
  • Live streamed events are distributed on the IS Media Services YouTube Channel.



  • Please schedule as far in advance as possible, at least 10 business days before the event. 

  • We require at least 1-hour access to the space before the event is scheduled to begin to set up and will often require a separate room test beforehand.

  • Before booking, please ensure the event location(s) have a reliable hard-wired Ethernet port. Please note that we will not live stream over Wi-Fi.  

  • Event coordinators are required to get written permission from those recorded in all public facing video productions. 

– UO Model Release Form PDF (English) 

– UO Model Release Form PDF (En Español)

– Forms must be downloaded, completed and emailed to our team prior to the beginning of the event/presentation. 

– Please send an email with your event information, containing all model releases, to

  • Please ensure NO portion of the presentation or event includes licensed music or videos that may violate copyright. 
  • We are responsible for the signal up to the network connection. We do not have control of the UO campus network and are not responsible if a network service degradation occurs. If a network interruption occurs, it may affect the delivery and viewing of the live stream. We can continue recording the live stream for on-demand viewing after the event.  

  • Note: Depending on the production, UO Event Services may need to provide audio production and event space coordination.  

  • If you plan to live stream CRN and course-related events, please include that information in your request and we will reach out with information on best practices. 



  • Provide a "run of show." Is there a break in the middle of your event? Let us know so we can coordinate what your online audience sees during that short break. 

  • Provide a YouTube title, description and event graphic for the live stream event page. (1920x1080p preferred)

  • Advertise your event. Nothing is more disappointing than seeing only 6 viewers tuned into a live streamed event. Please market the event and live stream URL (and/or overflow room location) to expand your viewership! 

  • Events we record can be captioned and posted to the IS Media Services YouTube Channel for on-demand viewing. (Our website is currently being refreshed, with a tentative release date of fall term 2021.)


To request our services:

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Please click here. (All services for UO CRN courses are free of charge.)


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