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For summer 2020, the UO is offering remote proctoring through the Record+ automated proctoring service from ProctorU. This page provides answers to frequently asked questions.

Information for Student Test-Takers

How does remote proctoring work?

  • Using a webcam and browser extension, ProctorU video records the student and records their screen while they take an exam.
  • ProctorU's artificial intelligence system monitors for possible signs of academic misconduct.
  • If signs of academic misconduct are detected, ProctorU flags the video.
  • After the exam, the instructor can review any recordings that ProctorU has flagged.

What are the minimum technology requirements for student test-takers?

  • Computer — either PC (Windows Vista or higher), Mac (OS X 10.5 or higher), or Chromebook*
  • Webcam
  • Microphone
  • Compatible web browser (Chrome or Firefox)
  • ProctorU extension (for Chrome or Firefox)
  • Strong internet connection

You cannot use a tablet or mobile device. Additional information is available on the ProctorU website.

*Chromebooks are supported for the ProctorU Record+ service, also referred to as automated proctoring, which is what UO is using. (Any notes you see on the ProctorU website about Chromebooks not being supported are referring to ProctorU's live proctoring service.)

Can students borrow a webcam or laptop?

If UO students can't otherwise meet the minimum technology requirements above, they can request a loaner webcam or a loaner Chromebook with a built-in webcam for their remote courses. You can submit a request through the Technology Checkout for Students page.

How do I prepare for a proctored exam?

We recommend watching the demo video for test-takers on the ProctorU website. After that:

  1. Sign up. Create a ProctorU test-taker account. You can do that through the ProctorU tool within Canvas or on the ProctorU registration page.
  2. Pick your browser: Download either Chrome or Firefox and make sure you’re using the latest version.
  3. Download the ProctorU extension. Select the one for your chosen browser: Chrome or Firefox.
  4. Check your equipment. ProctorU recommends that you check your computer equipment before your exam to ensure it meets the technical requirements. You can do that through the “test your equipment” icon in your ProctorU account. You can access your account through the ProctorU tool within Canvas or by logging in at
  5. Find an acceptable space to take your exam. The environment needs to be quiet, well-lit, and away from other people. The workspace area needs to be free of any materials not allowed on the exam. It’s preferable to choose a hard surface for a workspace rather than a bed or couch.
  6. Become familiar with materials allowed/needed for your exam: Please review what ProctorU requires and as well as information from your instructor about which resources are permitted during the exam.
  7. Coordinate accommodations with your instructor. If you require special testing accommodations, please inform your instructor prior to your exam.

How do I take my exam with ProctorU?

Information about what to expect when taking your exam is available from ProctorU. Be sure to review the step-by-step instructions for automated proctor launch (not "live human proctored launch"). Note: UO's LMS (learning management system) is Canvas.

Does remote proctoring invade students' privacy?

ProctorU adheres to the following privacy standards that protect students' personal information:

  • Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA).
  • General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). U.S.-based ProctorU became fully compliant with this EU regulation because the company serves test-takers in the EU. GDPR gives consumers much more control over their personal data and what it’s used for. Failure to protect consumer data from exploitation can result in stiff penalties.
  • EU-U.S. and Swiss-U.S. Privacy Shield Framework. Joining the Privacy Shield Framework is voluntary. Once a company publicly volunteers to comply with the requirements, “the commitment will become enforceable under U.S. law.” The Framework requires a company to make it transparently known to consumers that they have the right to access their personal data.

For more information, visit ProctorU’s Privacy Policy page, which includes further contact information.

Disclaimer: Although the Record+ service is primarily automated, instructors can choose to view students taking exams in real time.

How can I get help with ProctorU?

  • During an exam, students should contact ProctorU directly. Look for the live chat tool in the bottom right corner of your account or through your ProctorU browser extension.
  • Otherwise:

Information for Instructors

How do I request a ProctorU account?

Requests should be directed to your department head, dean, or other contact person identified by your school/college for consideration. Your school/college will convey approved requests to Information Services.

How do I set up remote proctoring for an exam?

ProctorU provides instructions for setting up a proctored exam through Canvas. In addition, training for instructors will be available from both ProctorU and UO staff. We will update this page with more resources in the coming weeks.

How do I provide extra exam time for students?

After you have published your exam in Canvas, use the Moderate Quiz link in Canvas to grant extra time for any student in your course. The Time setting is what ProctorU will use to determine how much time the student is allowed on that exam. (Please do NOT contact ProctorU about accommodations for test-takers, despite any instructions to that effect on the ProctorU website.)

How does billing work?

The instructor's department will be billed $3 per exam, per student. The school/college will only be billed for exams that are actually completed.

How can I get help with ProctorU?

  • During an exam, students should contact ProctorU directly. Look for the live chat tool in the bottom right corner of your account or through your ProctorU browser extension.
  • Otherwise:


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