Accessible Zoom Meetings


This article provides best practices and how-to guides on making your Zoom meetings accessible. 

Accessibility Settings 

Enable Mute Participants on Entry

This feature defaults all meeting participants to being muted on joining the room. Participants need to manually unmute themselves to begin speaking. This is especially helpful in large meetings or virtual classrooms by cutting down on disruptions and background noise at the start of a session. 

Within the Home tab of the Zoom client, select the Gear icon to choose settings.  

Zoom application with the Gear icon highlighted 

There are some settings that can be managed from the Zoom client itself, but more options are available on the web portal, so choose the View More Settings link to go to the Zoom website. You might be prompted to log in via Shibboleth before accessing the website. 

Zoom General Settings with View More Settings highlighted 

Here, under the Schedule Meeting section, select Mute participants upon entry. The button should be toggled on.