Troubleshooting the Remember Me feature


One of Duo's features is a "Remember me for 7 days" option.

When using this feature, you won't be asked to two-step login again for 7 days in that browser on that device.

This article covers some common pitfalls with this feature, and how to fix them.


How to use the Remember Me feature

To use the Remember Me feature start by logging into the university service you want to remember your log-in.

  1. When you see the authentication screen for the checkbox next to "Remember me for 7 days".
  2. Click in the checkbox so that it shows that it is selected.
  3. Click the authentication method you prefer to use.


The Remember Me box is grayed out, so I can't check it

When setting up your two-step authentication device it is possible one of them may have been set as the default device. This means that each time you try to authenticate it will automatically send a push, call, or send a SMS to the device specified in the settings. This feature can be disabled in the Duck ID Self-Service Portal.

How to disable auto-push

  1. Open your preferred browser on your desktop or laptop computer
  2. Go to
  3. Click Manage Your Duck ID

  4. Enter your Duck ID and password
  5. Click Log In
  6. Click Manage Two-Step Login Devices
  7. Under the text that reads Default Device make sure that the option Ask me to choose an authentication method is selected in the drop-down menu.
  8. Click Save


I'm checking the box, but it's not remembering me

The Remember Me feature requires the use of cookies to function. It uses a cookie in your browser to remember that you logged into the service. If you are checking the box for Remember Me but it is not working please check the following.


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