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Frequently asked questions about getting started with telecom services, including forwarding your desk phone, accessing voicemail, and conference calls.

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How do I forward my phone?

The functionality used to forward your desk phone to an alternate device (i.e. your cell phone or a non-campus landline) is called bridge-to-cellular (aka EC500). This allows calls to your UO telephone to simultaneously ring your cellular phone or a non-campus landline.

If your UO desk telephone has bridged lines (e.g. a departmental main line), you can choose to have bridged lines ring your alternate device or not.  

Contact your telephone coordinator to request bridge-to-cellular on your behalf. They will need your alternate device number and your UO telephone number.*

*If your telephone coordinator is unavailable, you may submit a request directly to the Telephone & Voicemail service. Please include your alternate device number and UO telephone number in your request.

Can I get my UO voicemail via email?

For information and how to request this feature, visit the Voicemail Exchange Integration article.

How do I check my UO voicemail from off campus?

For information about how to check your voicemail off campus, visit the Campus Voicemail article.

Can I make phone calls from my PC? 

No, not regular telephone calls. However, users have access to Microsoft Teams which can be used to make audio or video calls to other Microsoft Teams users. We recommend using a USB headset.

How do I make a conference call?

If everyone has/can use Microsoft Teams, conference calls can be made through that application. All new Microsoft Teams meetings that you set up will be automatically populated with a phone number and conference ID that you and your attendees can use to call into the meeting with a phone. This feature is enabled for all UO faculty and staff.  For more information see Phone Bridging with Microsoft Teams.

Where do I get directory assistance for campus departments or faculty/staff?

Dial 541-346-1000. The automated system asks you to speak the name of the person or department you are trying to reach.  For more information, visit out Phone Operator FAQ.


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